I'm an angel but I'm also a devil.

So I'm an evil black bloody angel.

Bloody hell, I'm a woman, you stupid guys.

I love to hear EBM - music, that's my damn life elixir, without that I die.

I like beautiful women but I'm not bisexual or lesbian.

I like the beauty, the horror, the mystery, the dominance & the submissiveness of my pics.

I like to enjoy my primary gothic world, everything that has to do with the devil, damned & eternal hell. (+18)

I'm not against minors follower, but please note the age stated in my blog.

Enjoy my fucking bloody & damned hell, or let me or whatever, because it's your damn choice!

You can follow me on twitter if you want ... My twitter name is @EvilBlackAngel. ...


Who wants to see a complete other side of the EvilBlackBloodyAngel and / or want, you can follow this page :

http://myfulloflustangelofdeath.tumblr.com .

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